Sini Solina

Sini Solina

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Sini Soul

Sini Soul

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Sini Solin back in businesa

After a few months break I brought Sini Solina to a show to do gran prix. She felt better and more relaxed now and we made it through the test without bigger mistakes. We got 69,10% and won the class! I'm very happy about her. In 2 weeks I'm going to Finland to give a clinic in Erkylä. There's still some space left so if someone is interested they can contact me straight. I hope to see you...

Sini Soul deputed in Gran Prix

I have some great news! Sini Soul is finally ready for the Gran Prix. The journey to this point wasn't that smooth and easy but we made it and I'm so happy now. We had an national show this weekend and did the Gran Prix test for the first time. Soul tried his best and was concentrated to do his job. It's not perfect yet but we got everything done nicely. There was some confusion in the...